We create modern products with a healthy respect for the past and a dedication for how things should be, rather than how they are.  We don't follow, we deviate and take our own path.  Our Mission is bound by a few self imposed promises and reminders that dictate our daily grind.  

We design with intent and believe our products should be free of compromise, deserving to be handed down for generations. We want you to know where your goods come from and how they are made. We care about the history and origin of each material that collectively builds a product.  We re-design and re-invent these items to optimize their form and function for the intended environment.  Our uncompromising attention to detail starts with sourcing the correct materials with a steadfast resolve for superior production standards.  Our materials are sourced from their origin and manufactured where they should be, a perfect union.  

Small batch heritage products for the here and now…